What We Do

The Silver Bison Ranch, LLC. has been in the business of raising North American Plains Bison since 1992. Approximately 300 healthy and happy Bison/Buffalo currently reside at the 1000 acre ranch near the Western Wisconsin town of Baldwin. Many items available from the Silver Bison Ranch, LLC. are hand made by Native Americans living in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Pictures of the ranch and the wild bison are available for viewing on our website, in addition to a description of management practices that are beneficial to not only the bison, but the environment as a whole. The Silver Bison Ranch is proud to have embraced and practiced Regenerative Agriculture since our inception in 1992, pioneering the lofty goal of utilizing our magnificent Bison to add organic matter to our soil for the benefit of future generations.


‚ÄčPlease note that we are only open by appointment. Call 715-684-2811 anytime for appointment.

‚ÄčThank you for supporting the Silver Bison Ranch, LLC. We are pleased to serve you and heighten your awareness of the magnificent Bison, the largest of all North American mammals.


We are located in Baldwin, WI. Just 35 minutes from the Twin Cities.


Here at Silver Bison Ranch, our animals are open range raised in as natural environment as possible.

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