Our Customers' Experiences

"Wonderful people and excellent leather items. Really good buffalo jerky!" ​- Kevin Sandstrom

"Absolutely love the quality of the meat! After having a Silver Bison Burger at The Local in downtown Minneapolis, my family is hooked and we make regular trips to stock up on this delicious meat" ​- Sarah Maverick Nelson

"Amazing service as well as quality of products - we will definitely be back for more!"​- Charlee Frederixon

"Friendly owners, great prices. They both explain everything in great detail, from cooking to buying." - Alisha Seckora

"Owners are wonderful and meat is amazing." ​- Nick

"Great ranch, fresh meat, friendly proprietor with a lot if knowledge to share. Cooking tip and recipe handouts. Great visit!" - Dan B.

"Very good products and service. Now by appointment only, which is actually even better!" - James Catalano

"Awesome selection of bison jerkey, ground meat, bacon (yup!), and so much more. They also have a gift shop that has a lot of wonderful gift items." - Amy Lauria

"Very good buffalo jerky" - Jesse Ingham

"Nice people" - Mindy Shelstead