Silver Bison Ranch Gallery

We are so pleased that you have taken time to visit our website. The pictures in our gallery are of our ranch, bison, and events.


‚ÄčOur dedication to the healthiest, most delicious, and most natural grass fed buffalo meat for sale and bison hide products and gifts leads us to care for our animals in the best manner possible. Enjoy the photographic gallery of many of the bison we keep here at Silver Bison Ranch. The large, grassy meadows allow them to eat the best food possible and roam freely and naturally.


Nearly endless possibilities of bison products exist in our appointment-only store. Our grass-fed buffalo meat for sale includes everything from bison patties and bison bratwurst to buffalo rib roast, buffalo steaks, bison stew meat, and bison soup bones.

Products created from natural buffalo fur and leather include traditional-style moccasins, jackets and vests, gloves, wallets, keychains, toys, and so much more.


Silver Bison Branch is pleased to take part in the River Falls Day merchant fair and share our practices and products with a wide variety of local people and visitors. We strive to be an important part of the community here in Wisconsin.

We were also proud to host the Cameroonian king and royal family at our bison ranch for the day. The memories we shared about raising buffalo, the natural bison meat and leather products, will surely last a lifetime.